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A global collective of boutique portfolio companies

OIG is an internationally recognised brand which has emerged as a leader in the global boutique markets within the infrastructure, international trade, and finance sectors. Our consortium of boutique portfolio companies, crafted through strategic acquisitions and seamless integration, each stand as a preeminent leader within their niche. We partner with targeted, culture and results driven portfolio companies on businesses that drive value and create impact.

Our strategic presence and relationships across pivotal business hubs throughout the global markets

Our strategic footprint and robust relationships in key business hubs across the globe empower us to mobilise and provide a wealth of resources to every company within our portfolio. Throughout the OIG brand we pride ourselves in delivering results and manifestations far beyond what most of our industry peers are able to. Our physical presence across five continents is not just a statement of our reach but a testament to our capability to conduct real, impactful business. Throughout the OIG brand we pride ourselves in delivering results and manifestations far beyond what most of our industry peers are able to. We hold a genuine commitment to every client and partner, prioritising the cultivation of lasting relationships rather than merely amassing them.

A global collective of boutique portfolio companies

We empower today's businesses, nurture tomorrow's leaders, and transform business aspirations into tangible realities, epitomizing the essence of bankable.

We excel in developing smart growth strategies for companies. Through thorough analyses and customised short and long-term plans, we implement effective changes that deliver real results. Our goal is to enhance not just the size, but the overall performance and efficiency of your company. With our bespoke blueprint, we empower you to capture new opportunities and reach unprecedented levels of success.

Commodities have long shaped global geopolitics, serving as the economic backbone of societies worldwide. At OIG, our commodity and mining desks stand out for their expertise in originating, sourcing and supplying essential commodities to top trade houses and end users worldwide. With our vast network, we offer traders and financiers lucrative, exclusive and broker free opportunities to access international markets securely and profitably.

As global demand escalates for key materials vital to economy development, critical infrastructure, and key manufacturing industries, Omnistaal steps in to bridge the gap between, time efficiency, resource optimisation, and profitability. Our desks seamlessly blend steel trading, exclusive procurement services, and consultancy, providing comprehensive support for your business’s success and expansion. With a proven track record of supplying some of the largest corporations and end users worldwide, and driving increased client purchasing for leading producer supply chains, Omnistaal leads the way in the global steel markets as a boutique leader in its category.

Our infrastructure desk operates as the visionary architects of tomorrow’s emerging markets and today’s frontier markets, leading the charge in pioneering new pathways in booming economies and confronting the greatest challenges of our time head-on. Through strategic partnerships and joint ventures, our infrastructure desk elevates project bankability, fueling sustainable growth and prosperity. From project origination to targeted consultancy, we’re dedicated to ensuring that our initiatives not only make a meaningful impact but those very manifestations set the standard for sustainability and success for generations to come.

In today’s ever-evolving global landscape, the international trade, manufacturing and development sector stands as a beacon of opportunity, fueling growth and innovation on a worldwide scale. Here at our firm, we fearlessly tackle the toughest cash flow challenges, guiding your business towards success and expansion. Our unique blueprint allows us to break free from the norm, coming up with creative solutions to set your company apart, even in the toughest times. From start to finish, we’re by your side, ensuring a steady flow of resources to fuel ongoing growth and achievement.

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We champion corporate governance, sustainability, corporate philanthropy, and the creation of empowering workplaces to nurture future leaders, cultivating a legacy of impactful business practices.

Generosity has been around since the dawn of humanity and our entire group encourages and pledges a portion of proceeds in developing nations where we operate to provide the important resources required for influence lasting social changes. These include initiatives such as children having the ability to access the education system, families to access better living conditions and empowering local communities by keeping as many of our opportunities locally to give individuals a fair shot of success in this world.

We encourage our partners, shareholders, and clients to join us in our mission to create a better world, one step at a time.

At OIG, we prioritize exemplary corporate governance, ensuring ethical conduct, transparency, and accountability in all our operations to bolster the trust and confidence of our stakeholders. Our dedication is reflected in our rigorous adherence to best practices in governance, fostering an environment of integrity and responsible management that lays the foundation for sustainable success and stakeholder value creation.

At OIG, our commitment to corporate responsibility is rooted in empowering and enriching local communities, leveraging our influence to make a meaningful difference. By focusing on providing opportunities for those in need, our approach encompasses philanthropic endeavors, environmental conservation, ethical labor practices, and support for fair trade, aiming to inspire and educate, while positioning ourselves as a champion for the voiceless communities we serve.

At OIG, we are dedicated to promoting a sustainable future, prioritizing the social, economic, and environmental prosperity of the communities we serve by adhering to the highest sustainability standards.

Our commitment extends to vital efforts in environmental stewardship, collaboration with green organizations, and the pursuit of sustainable development goals, aiming for significant impacts in areas like resource management, urban and energy development, and conservation to secure a healthier planet for all.

The OIG Values

Our deep-seated commitment to values and culture, drives us to redefine excellence in every endeavour. As a value and culture-driven brand and organisation, we stand at the forefront of nurturing an ethos of integrity, innovation, and inclusivity, shaping a legacy where our core beliefs power every decision and define our path forward.

Your words become your actions, Your actions become your habits, Your habits become your values, Your values become your destiny.

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